Moments That Matter



Moments That Matter


Moments That Matter

These are moments that matter. Love.
Joy. Trust. Home. Family. Freedom.
Purpose. These are also values that
guide us as human beings. They unite
us and give meaning to our lives.

Around 160,000 Australians die each year and 120,000 need palliative care. Most of us at some stage in our lives will be affected by this statistic. Yet many of us do not understand what palliative care is. Across cultures, gender, spirituality and wherever we live we share values that make us human. Love. Joy. Family. Freedom. Trust. Home. The Moments That Matter campaign shares personal experiences of palliative care. These are powerful stories about moments of joy and freedom that make life beautiful. We see love strengthened when time is limited. Family and loved ones give us purpose.

The person in each story shares what matters most to them. Each person’s experience is different. What they reveal is the opportunity to show and experience love. To be with family. To live with purpose. They provide a deeper understanding of what palliative care is. Giving people the support to live, die and grieve well.