Research and Policy are key focus areas for Palliative Care ACT.



PC ACT undertakes research projects that examine current, developing and future issues that affect access to, and quality of palliative care to the people of the ACT, and surrounding region. Research is often in collaboration with other ACT, interstate or national organisations. PC ACT also contributes to research carried out by others.

Margaret Corden Scholarship

PC ACT funds an annual research project that will assist and encourage volunteers and individuals to further their skills and knowledge in an area relevant to palliative care. The scholarship is to the value of $5,000. Applicants must be a citizen or permanent resident of Australia living or working in the ACT. The scholarship is launched during National Palliative Care Week, usually the last week in May each year.


Palliative Care ACT promotes issues for consumers, carers, the community and the sector through developing policy and contributing to ACT discussions.

We influence ACT Government policy and through working with Palliative Care Australia, and other state/territory peaks, we influence national policy debates on issues that affect and are affected by palliative care.

PCA ACT engages with Members of the Legislative Assembly, and ACT Government Department in regular meetings and briefings.

PC ACT contributes to the policy debate in a variety of ways including:

  • Presenting and making submissions to government and Legislative assembly inquiries
  • Participating in consultation forums
  • Presentations at conferences

Policy is developed through wide-ranging consultation with PC ACT’s members, the PC ACT Board, and other relevant bodies.

Palliative Care for Under-served Populations and People with Complex Needs

Summary of stakeholder workshops

Cultural Security for Clients

PC ACT Cultural Security For Clients Policy

National Palliative Care Standards

As a member organisation of Palliative Care Australia, PC ACT had input into, and supports, the National Palliative Care Standards (5th Edn) published by Palliative Care Australia in 2018.

Policies and Position Statements

Palliative Care ACT endorses the following: